Eastwood Cafe


If you take a little detour past the Redwoods Tree walk in Rotorua you will be pleasantly surprised when you come across the Scion building. A beautiful building complimenting its surroundings, but it’s the inside that will take your breath away.

Eastwood café is nestled just inside the door; where beautiful timbers are complimented by neutral tones, greenery and contrasts of black, you can’t help but feel apart of the forest.

Inside we supplied a mixture of our timber Saddle stools and contrasting black Archie stools, while custom timber tops were paired with the Hydra Table base in white and black Elbow chairs. The expansive outdoor area was a combination of white aluminium tables and beautiful teak timber tops, while the green Parker stools add a pop of colour.

On your next trip to Rotorua – Eastwood café is a must.

Website: Eastwood Café


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