September 2020

A guide to choosing the right outdoor furniture.

Ah, summer BBQ season is upon us. It’s starting to warm up and the days are getting longer; Labour weekend is just around the corner.

Fast-forward a couple of weeks and it’s suddenly time to dust off the old outdoor dining set. Covered in old, wet leaves, the table and those previously easy folding chairs need to be freed up for other opportunities, because no amount of CRC is bringing them back to life. The good news? It’s time to treat yourself to some new outdoor furniture.

Material things

We’re not materialistic, but in this case materials really do matter. Different materials require different levels of care and maintenance. So, if you find yourself asking how to clean and store it, fear not. That’s why we’re here.

Take note of the product maintenance indicator under each material type – this should help with making your purchasing decision a little easier.


At Cintesi, we use teak, because it’s solid, hardy, and resilient. It’s so hardy; in fact, it’s often used in the building of boats. We figure if teak can survive turbulent waters, it can certainly thrive on your deck.

Like all natural materials, teak is impacted by the weather. Rain, snow, wind, sunshine, and the temperature will all affect wood — just like in nature.

Something you should consider before settling on teak. All our teak furniture is supplied al natural and over time it will start to show signs of aging. Congrats! Your furniture is developing a beautiful silver patina that, like George Clooney’s salt and pepper, just adds to its naughty charm.

If this look isn’t for you we recommend oiling every few months depending on sun and weather exposure.

Cocktail sipping around our teak table top. Here you can see this has been finished with a cabots decking oil finish. Featured at Dune Garden Eatery in Papamoa. Photo by Jeremy Aubertin
Polypropylene Furniture

That little voice inside is screaming no, not plastic chairs. But, if you have kids, or maybe just someone who's as messy as a kid, you can’t go past our range of SCAB outdoor chairs.

This exciting range offers potential to be the outdoor living room’s stylish, colorful workhorse. However buyers beware: not all plastics are created equal. Plastic furniture can be durable, UV resistant, and crack-proof, but only if it’s very good quality.

Polypropylene is virtually impenetrable. Extraordinarily strong and durable, it’s immune to the effects of water. Moisture simply can’t permeate its dense material, and because it’s slick, mildew and rot can’t get a grip. Polypropylene is so sturdy it can even stand up to saltwater.

Cleaning is a breeze, just wipe down with warm soapy water. Skip the bleach — and definitely skip the water blaster.

The Sunset chair ready for alfresco dining. Photo SCAB design
Aluminium Furniture

If you can care for a cactus, you can care for aluminium outdoor furniture. Metals are strong, unyielding, and seemingly invincible, but every superhero has its day.

The unlikely champion of rain-enduring metals is humble aluminium. Why? Aluminium can’t rust because unlike other metal it has no iron in its composition. Basically, aluminium is scientifically proven to be an excellent choice for rain, sun and that coastal salt sea breeze.

There’s no need to use elbow grease when cleaning, grab the hose and give it a sprinkle, for instant use we recommended a quick towel down.

Again avoid harsh chemicals and definitely stay away from the water blaster!

Even a classic can be crafted with aluminium. Here our Hoop Aluminium is featured at Mission By The Beach.
Synthetic Wicker Furniture

Like most beautiful, earthy things, rattan is a little (actually a lot) high-maintenance! You’ll hear rattan and wicker thrown around synonymously. But did you know? There’s a big difference! Wicker refers to the weaving technique — not the material — and different types of wicker require different types of care.

Rattan is a tad vulnerable. When exposed to excessive moisture or deluges of rain, raw rattan can lose its strength.

To get the ‘rattan’ look with added weatherproofing, resin wicker is a great alternative. Aesthetically, it mimics the texture so it keeps up the look you’re going for. Functionally, resin wicker combats Mother Nature’s unpredictable ways by its composition: it’s made of braided synthetic materials. The weave between the twine is so spacious, there’s no place for water to settle or mouldy breeding grounds to fester.

If you love the look of rattan but want something that can survive outside, synthetic resin wicker — like that in our Annecy, Chloe & Fleur range — is your best bet. It looks just like natural rattan, but is made specifically to better withstand the elements.

Add some parisian charm to any outdoor space with our Annecy Chair.

Outdoor furniture is durable, not indestructible. With minimal effort and a little tender care, your outdoor area will be brunching, cocktailing, lounging, or party ready for summers on end — no matter what the weather brings.