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A practical choice for commercial dining. Topalit table tops are manufactured to the highest European standards and are available in wide range of sizes and colours. Crafted from Austrian wood, the highly compacted core material contains exceptionally high resin content, providing a durable, scratch and abrasion resistant product suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Not only are they water proof, the seamless construction means exceptional hygiene. As there are no edges or crevasses to capture any residues, simply wipe down and they’re clean. Topalit table tops can absorb heat during exposure to direct sunlight, therefore these have been manufactured with a minor curve, and they will never be completely level. The panels are produced in the factory such that the initial convexity is more pronounced in the middle of the panel than at the edge. The larger sizes i.e. 120*80 also have a greater curve due to length. For more information on table top care – please see our furniture care information.

  • Durable, scratch and abrasion resistant making them perfect for commercial environments
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • A wide range of colours and sizes available to suit your décor
  • An electric drill will be required to attach tops to bases
Suitable For
  • Hospitality environments
  • Commercial environments
  • Indoor & outdoor use
  • Residential use
Dimensions / Sizes

Spec Sheet

  • Overall Height -
  • Seat Height -
  • Thickness -
  • Width 140 CM
  • Depth 80 CM
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